Cast and Crew – Six Degrees of Separation

CAST * MCTC ** Metro ***MCTC/Metro
DETECTIVE Abdul R. Grundy *
TESS Aimee Micek *
DOORMAN André Tellis **
ELIZABETH Anna Vogt **
DOUG Ben Granger **
BEN Chad Burke *
PAUL Dorian Lucas *
FLAN Edwin Strout
OUISA Elyse Evans **
KITTY Emily Heller *
TRENT Jack Kloppenborg
LARKIN John Byram **
WOODY Kyle Anderson **
POLICEMAN Lester Holmquist **
HUSTLER Lisa Marie Collins-Sears **
RICK Mark Stewart **
Assitant Stage Manager Aimee Micek
Costume Design Barbara Portinga
Lighting Design Barry Browning
Sound Designer Dan Dukich
Director Gail Smogard
Sound Board Operator Kevin Champion
Set/Props Kirby Moore
Construction Crew Lester Holmquist
MCTC Producer Maxine Klein
Stage Manager Paulino Brener ***
ASL Interpreter Rebecca Rick **
Construction Crew Robb Hollyday *
Projections Kevin Champion
Light Board Operator Robb Hollyday
Projection Operator Kevin Champion
Poster/Program Artist Shawn Van Briesen
Administrative Assistant Pepper Branstner


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